Some new directions: Alissa

So I am in the middle of some evolution in my edits and the way I piece together my shoots. I want to create a more consistent look, even as I experiment more with light, space and movement.  I have been going through old images with a critical eye trying to rethink how I would reposition and change the perspective as well as applying some new technical aspects to the way I shoot. I am still leveraging mostly a consistent set of tools. 

I find I am most comfortable when I plan out a shoot with the tools and space in mind. This last week I shot at Locket Space, which is growing in popularity as an artist workshop. All the more reason to get creative in the space to make it look unique and distinct from others who have shot in the space.  

This set was more of an exploration, in colors a body movement. I think the end result speaks for itself. I am always trying to learn a bit more.  As always feel free to hit me up with any questions.