Spain - Wandering

Recently got the chance to wander around Barcelona and spent a lot of time shooting on the street. The city is really an amazing place for street photographers, so much color and people. Here are some of my favorites:

Maddie Miller

Maddie was interning at an office near mine and reached out to shoot with me last year. Over the time she was in Seattle we shot several times and she was a good sport in letting me test a couple of cameras and vintage lenses I had repaired.  Some these are on film and some on digital.  Now that she is gone to Montana, I am back to testing my experiments on random people in Pioneer square.


After making a special effort to try some new things I always try to go back and look at a space I have been in before. Trying to see if I can improve or find something different. Space is as important or more important to me than even the subject. I love the color and the details in these and the way the light in different parts of the space come together.


We were walking around a popular neighborhood in Seattle looking for just the right location. This is harder than it sounds.  This is the best time to be shooting a designer with a keen sense of what she thinks looks good.  The result is a collaboration that looks great and feels very Seattle in its own way.


I am really tired today, a deep tired that you should not be after a holiday weekend.  I was looking at my Fitbit sleep tracker and I have only been averaging 4.5 hours of sleep.  Even when I go to bed early I can't sleep.  I am not a worrier, but I have a lot going on and so I make and remake my to-do list.  That said, life is good and being busy has been a positive for my creativity.  

I have had a run of luck lately working with a number of redheads, which given my own fair skin makes me super happy.  The latest was a dancer and college student from the Cornish College of the Arts whom I was thrilled to work with. Don't be fooled by the baby face, she is worldly and very entertaining to be around. If you are a photographer in New Zealand, you should find her on Instagram and shoot with her she will be there studying abroad. Check out the samples:

Some new directions: Alissa

So I am in the middle of some evolution in my edits and the way I piece together my shoots. I want to create a more consistent look, even as I experiment more with light, space and movement.  I have been going through old images with a critical eye trying to rethink how I would reposition and change the perspective as well as applying some new technical aspects to the way I shoot. I am still leveraging mostly a consistent set of tools. 

I find I am most comfortable when I plan out a shoot with the tools and space in mind. This last week I shot at Locket Space, which is growing in popularity as an artist workshop. All the more reason to get creative in the space to make it look unique and distinct from others who have shot in the space.  

This set was more of an exploration, in colors a body movement. I think the end result speaks for itself. I am always trying to learn a bit more.  As always feel free to hit me up with any questions.



Jessel 2017

Jessel is a man I have know a long time. A artist and a beautiful soul.  I was able to shoot him in NYC a couple of weeks ago and it was the best time I have had in a long time.  I can't wait to see him again in the future.