I shoot for my enjoyment, I hope you like what I am shooting too. The idea for Scoundrels and Rakes came from a discussion I was having over drinks about how the way we remember the women we have met in our lives. The more I thought about this idea, the more I realized this went way beyond woman and was more about the feeling in particular moments. I wanted to capture portraits of people in the way I remember events and places. It has been both an exercise in becoming a better photographer but also a deliberate attempt to change how I see those around me and people moving through the world. 


Born in 1979. Raised in Crosby, North Dakota. Available where ever planes travel and some places they don’t. I first picked up a 35mm camera in 1997 when I learned how to develop black and white film for my college newspaper. I am most at home with one of my Leica rangefinders, but will frequently choose a camera and film based on the look I am trying to achieve. For this project and others I enjoy shooting portraits, fashion, travel and lifestyle photography. I have a Bachelor of Science in communication theory.


Collecting and repairing vintage cameras has opened a world of opportunity both to shoot for myself and for others. While I am most often seen with a Rangefinder, you will find polaroid, medium and large format shots on this page. I enjoy learning how to push these cameras to achieve the look I want. I also shoot digital formats but I am heavily influenced by the experience of working within the limitations of film and vintage cameras.


I love working with others. If you have an imagination and want to shoot let me know